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Established in the 1970's, the company rst built its
reputation as a skilled injection mouldings toolmaker
and was quickly discovered by the Italian pipe systems
industry. Along with as producing highly accurate
tooling, Comer Italy began injection moulding PVC, PE
and PP ttings and valves under contract to other manufacturers.
Today, Comer Italy has 25 moulding machines
producing Comer-branded ttings of up to 30kg. With
existing sites spread over 15,000 m2 of oor space, the
company recently added a brand new plant that will
allow further expansion. Comer Italy is already the
second biggest producer in Italy of ABS, PVC, PE and PP
pressure ttings up to 315mm (12") and valves up to
110mm (4"). An ISO 9001 certied company, Comer Spa
has several European quality accreditations for its
products, including WRAS in the UK.